Jewelry Repair

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At Little Rock Jewelers

We have two goldsmiths on staff to assist you in house and on site.


Laser Technology

Whether your jewelry is a new purchase or a family heirloom, at Little Rock Jewelers we use Laser technology to repair and refurbish your jewelry.


Proudly the Only Jeweler in Kendall County with State of The Art Repair Technology


We proudly are the only jeweler in Kendall County to have this technology plus one of the few in Illinois.

This means that we can safely repair your family heirlooms when other jewelers might harm them.


We do all the work here so we can do the work for you with even same day service.


We do all the work at the local store

Ensuring we can do the work for you with even same day service.

Jewelry Repair Options

Refurbish and Restore Your Family Heirlooms

Ring Sizing

Jewelry Restoration

Tighten Gemstones

Rhodium Finish

Prong Replacement

Pearl Stringing

Custom Repair

Stabilization Straps

Replace Posts and Backings

Clasp Replacement

Add Charms to Bracelets

Replace Watch Straps and Expansion Bands

Finger Mate Adjustable Shanks

Machine or Hand Engraving

Bead and Pearl Restringing

Jewelry inspection, clean and polish is always complimentary and can be done while you wait.